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Making the Case for the Digital Mortgage…One Step at a Time

My friends at HousingWire.com recently published my thoughts on why lenders, investors, service providers and even regulators should all be pressing hard toward the digital mortgage. And the key, I believe, is the hybrid mortgage. You can see why I make this claim here!


With a little help from my friends…

Housing Wire just published part II of my recent article, which asks the question "Is America at a housing policy crossroads?"  This time, I asked thought leaders (and friends) David Kittle and Michael Bright what they thought as well.  Please have a look and let me know what you think.

Are we letting the camel into the tent?

I found today's The Title Report article, " CFPB to Supervise Mortgage Servicers, will level the playing field" (subscription required) to be troubling. Attorney Richard Horn, former senior counsel for the CFPB, is promoting the direct supervision of mortgage servicing operations by the CFPB in an effort to level the playing field and reduce consumer risk. Really?  Is … Continue reading Are we letting the camel into the tent?